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Frequently asked questions?


Frequently asked questions

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Worthoder help Investors achieve their investments goals. And, when you invest with us, you invest in portfolios designed to be low-cost, deliver meaningful returns, and align with your values.

Yes. Our users need to verify their identities to gain full access to the platform. By collecting this information It helps us prevent fraud by verifying the identify of our customers

Forbidden to:

1. Use of multiple user accounts;
2. Use of illegally obtained income;
3. Dissemination of false information about the activities of Worthoder, discrediting the reputation of Worthoder;
4. Dissemination of false information about employees, users of Worthoder, discrediting the reputation of Worthoder;
5. Intentional misrepresentation of information about Worthoder employees and users; 6. An attempt to disrupt the Worthoder website and software;
7. Hacking or attempts to hack or gain access to the accounts/wallets of Worthoder employees and users;
8. Disclosure of information about Worthoder employees and users to third parties, except for responses to official requests of authorized persons.
If a policy violation is detected, the Worthoder user account may be blocked. A notification will be sent to the Worthoder user email address explaining the reasons for the blocking and further instructions.

No, any coin you deposit with is, what you’ll get your profits with.

Yes, you can.

All deposits and withdrawals are done on weekends( Saturday-Sunday) then trades commence from Monday-Friday ( and no deposits is allowed again till the weekend.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, while the minimum deposit amount to join is $100.
Both deposits and withdrawals are available in BTC, ETH USDT.
The withdrawal process usually takes 30 minutes. In some cases, and with a heavy load on the blockchain network, the withdrawal process can take up to 72 hours.
In case of a high load on the blockchain network, as well as a large number of requests from users, the processing of the transactions can take up to 5 days
We recommend to you do not cancel withdrawal requests unnecessarily as this may lead to the re-creation of the request and increased waiting times.

Initially, you need to create a personal wallet at https://www.blockchain.com.
To buy or sell BTC or ETH, all qubitTech’s users use the p2p platforms, which is available in more than 100 countries.The most popular and secure p2p platforms:

On YouTube, you can find a lot of video on how to make a personal blockchain wallet and how to work with p2p platforms.

Opening an account is completely free. You can invest immediately after a familiar registration process. Remember going through the KYC process is required so you can have complete access to all platform services.

Investments are activated as soon as the transaction for the investment receives at least on one confirmation from the blockchain. The process of confirming a transaction can take anywhere from a minute to few hours, and is, unfortunately out of our control

On the sign-in page, under the form is a link to password recovery form. Click on it and follow the provided steps.

Please contact our support, and we will help you solve this issue.

Unfortunately, we cannot help with this situation. We recommend contacting the address holder, if possible, and requesting a refund, or contacting your wallet service provider for a possible solution